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An excerpt from Out from the Shadows: 31 Devotions for the Weary Caregiver

Tomorrow We Celebrate

The elderly man lay bedraggled and wet on a stretcher, surrounded by a tangle of rescuers and medical equipment. He had just been brought ashore from a rescue at sea. A young reporter briefly interviewed the man about the accident.

Snug under a swath of blankets, the old man’s face radiated relief and elation. Although he appeared weak, his obvious joy at being saved could not be contained. His voice trembled with raw emotion as his words tumbled out in response to the interviewer’s questions.

Evidently touched by the scene, the young man reached out and patted the old survivor as if to quiet and reassure him. “Tomorrow, you celebrate,” the young man ordered. “Today, you rest.”

As I watched the scene, I realized the reporter’s words were profound. After all, life is an ordeal. Peril awaits us at every turn. Especially for those suffering from illness, disease, or disability-and for those who love them-life is a daily walk along the edge of disaster.

Every person lives from one breath to the next, but I think we who care for the hurting often feel it more keenly. We don’t have the luxury of maintaining an illusion of security in this world.

We already know how fleeting life is. We may, more than others, realize the need for a Deliverer. And as painful as it is, desperation can be beneficial because it drives us to seek deliverance.

As we struggle to keep our heads above water in the midst of the storm, we may not realize God is already engaged in our rescue. Like the old man in the sea, we have someone searching for us. All we see are the waves crashing over us. But when we call out to Him, He hushes the waves and stills the storm. Then He guides us to a safe haven, the place of restoration for our souls.

One day, this struggle will be over. One day, Jesus will return for those who love Him. On that day, our sense of relief will be incredible; the joy and celebration eternal. Like the old man pulled out of the sea, we will rejoice in amazement and gratitude to our Deliverer.

Until then, we rest. Yes, we still have to face the challenges of each day. But there is great relief in knowing we don’t have to fix anything or save anyone, including ourselves.

We lean on the Captain of our souls. We rest from relying on our own efforts to fix our world. We place our hearts in His shelter high above the storms and allow Him to finish His work in us and in those we love. With our eyes toward the future, we wait.

Tomorrow, we celebrate. Today, we rest.

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