It was late in the day when the exploratory team headed by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark stumbled upon the native village of Yaxtoin, along what is now called the Clearwater River, on their journey to the Pacific Ocean. The explorers announced their arrival in dramatic fashion, wrecking one of their canoes in the rapids below the village. Aided by a nearby native resident, they dragged their wet belongings onto dry land and set up camp.

The date was October 8, 1805, and the place now called Arrow had just been discovered by the outside world.

With the opening of the Nez Perce Reservation to non-native settlement, Yaxtoin became the bustling railroad crossroad of Arrow Junction, Idaho. At one time it boasted a steamboat dock, church, school, and store. It was upon this incidental stage that a community of shared cultures lived, loved, suffered, and rose above its own human drama.

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