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The Nurse Who Remembered

Nursing carries heavy responsibilities. It requires long days, longer nights, and impossible schedules. In celebration of one of my favorite nurses, I’ve reprinted an except of our story from my book¬†Song in the Night. Her name has been changed, but everything else is as it happened in the summer of 1997. One nurse in particular […]

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A man’s pregnant wife fell into a coma after losing a baby to a blood infection. She was unresponsive and on a ventilator. After two weeks, the hospital told the man they were going to pull the plug. The man “snaps and tells his wife off.” Two hours later, she began breathing on her own. […]

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An Every Day Thanksgiving

My husband and I were talking about the world situation the other day. From recent¬†news reports, everything appears to be going to “hell in a hand basket,” as my blessed mother would have said. I’m not sure what the phrase means, but when she used it about any particular situation, we always knew that life […]

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